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Icon request post

I have different ways of colouring, both with and without shading, but mostly colourings are simple and without shading.

A few examples of icon sets I've done so far:

Kanda (Complete)
Kanda second version (Complete)
Fai (Complete)
Haine (Complete)
Kouichi (Complete)
Mokona (Complete)
Rath (Complete)
Ken (Complete, for konekonoclaw)
Mikoto (Incomplete)
Schuldig (Complete)
Chitose (Incomplete)
Cyborg #18 (Incomplete)
Eclipse (Complete)
Narushige (Complete)
Ash (Complete)
Earth (Complete)
Kakei (Complete)
Riddle (Incomplete)

NOTE: NONE OF THESE SETS ARE FOR SHARING UNLESS I GIVE PERMISSION. They are made for the accounts and characters especially and I don't want my icons spread out (where they mainly can be mistaken for being me on someone else's account.)

If you're interested, all I need is a direction to bases and a colour chart you want for your character, including background colour. If you want me to decide the colours I can do that too. :D I do with or without borders. I usually also only colour one set in a specific colour, and I don't want to make sets too alike. They're supposed to be unique to the characters. (exception for when I use some of the same icons for several of my own rp accounts with the same character.)

I won't take up too many requests at a time, and colouring icons like this usually takes perhaps a week per set, considering I actually have my RL as well. If I sit down to concentrate solely on the icons, it'll probably just take two days until I'm done.

My RL has a way to kick my ass at occasions, so please understand if I'm slow with them, okay? O: ♥

PENDING WORK (dots indicate icons for other users) Also, I am sporadic as to which set I'm working on. It all depends on my mood, so I don't mind this list being longer ^^;
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